The objective of our company has been, from the beginning, prepare different products in the way that we are asked: to exit in fresh, frozen o in salty, and the discretion or unified weight.

When we have the product ready, we can freeze in cupboards of freezing by contact or in tunnel at -35°C / -40°C. We offer the customer the possibility to palletizing and sealing the pallets once frozen.

In our rental service to cold we can store the products in the temperature that the customer wants (-40°C, -20°C, 0°C o +15°C and make preparations of orders or picking.

Our service refrigerated transport Fredpicking, S. L., it makes available to the customer a fleet of trucks of different sizes to transport products at different temperatures. We offer personalized service from anything anywhere.

We prepare various products as you want.

We can prepare products to leave in fresh, in frozen or in salt.

We can prepare at the discretion or unified by weight.

In fresh we can prepare in plastic bags and in various packaging, including cartons boxes.

In frozen we can prepare in block naked, in poliblock, en carton boxes or in jumbos.

In salt we can prepare in the packaging that you want and with the possibility of cover of brine.

Once the product preparated:

We can freeze it in contact freezer cabinets or in tunnel at – 35°C/ – 40°C.

We have a capacity to freeze about 100 Tm per day.

We can offering the service of palletizing and wrapping the palets once frozen.

We can store any product at any temperature.

Usually we have the following temperatures:

– 40°C / – 20°C / 0°C/ + 15°C

We can do the preparation replicas breitling of orders or picking.

We have a capacity of 7.000 palets at temperature of ­ 20°C.

lloguer de fred
We have a refrigerated transport service with trucks of various sizes that can go with various temperatures, the most usually are:

– 20°C / 0°C / + 15°C

Many of our trucks have a lift lid that can charge 1500 Kg.

We can offer a personalized service of anything in anywhere.

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